Lying, Hypocrisy, and Pelosi

There has been so much to comment on lately that I haven’t had time to mention the travails of Nancy Pelosi. These are self-imposed travails. If you are following this story, that means you don’t get your news from the mainstream media. The New York Times continues to bury it, putting it on page 18 rather than the front page where it belongs.

Pelosi has been caught lying about what she was told by the CIA concerning enhanced interrogation techniques. Her story has changed so many times that what remains of her credibility has all but disappeared. Why is this important?

First is the hypocrisy. She has tried to use the issue of waterboarding as a club against the Bush administration, claiming that the technique is torture. She even spoke of prosecuting those involved. Now it turns out she was fully informed about the technique back in 2002 and offered no protest. She approved it at the time.

In a feeble attempt to cover her tracks, she now accuses the CIA of lying to her and to Congress, claiming she was never told about it. Yet even the current CIA director, Leon Panetta, a lifelong Democrat, denies her claim. Contemporary records, he says, show that she is lying.

Politics reigns supreme in Washington, but this takes things to a whole new level. Pelosi is doing whatever she can to save her seat of power. As Speaker of the House of Representatives, she is behind only the vice president in succession to the presidency. Is this the kind of person the nation needs in that position?

Democrats are distancing themselves from her. Some Republicans and commentators are calling for her to step down. How will this end? If there is justice in this life, Pelosi—the ultimate political animal—will be toppled by her crass, self-serving political ploy.