Can You Feel the Ground Shifting?

Is it over? Well, Carrie Prejean is still Miss California, as decreed by Donald Trump, but the controversy will not go away.

Homosexual activists are more active than ever, spurred on by, I believe, the election of a president who is sympathetic to their causes.

In case you haven’t been following this story, Carrie Prejean was asked, at the Miss USA pageant, whether she believed marriage privileges should be extended to homosexual couples. The questioner was a homosexual activist [what is he doing judging a Miss USA contest?] who was deliberately baiting her.

She responded that she believed marriage should be between a man and a woman. That simple statement has led to a couple weeks of over-the-edge comments from homosexuals gone wild—rhetorically, at least. It is widely understood that Miss Prejean lost the Miss USA title because of her answer. Then her detractors tried to get her removed as Miss California. Their pretext was modeling photos taken of her in various stages of undress.

They failed in their attempt, but they are not finished. Bolder than ever, they are pushing our society into truly uncharted territory. Can you imagine her answer—marriage should be between a man and a woman—causing any such problem forty years ago? Twenty years ago? Perhaps even ten? I definitely feel the ground beneath us shifting. The problem is spiritual, first of all, but it is being heightened by a political agenda.

There are two issues—abortion and homosexual rights—that form a dividing line in our society. The Biblical worldview on these is losing ground. How do I know this?

First, even staunch conservatives have no stomach for fighting against what is called “gay rights.” Most of the commentators I’ve heard have adopted a live-and-let-live attitude.

Second, even more significantly, there appears to be a growing rift among evangelicals as well. A larger number now seems to think that some of us make too much of these issues. Yes, they say, abortion and homosexuality are wrong, but we focus on them so much that we ignore other things like divorce and poverty. Well, I am not aware of Christians being unconcerned about divorce and poverty. Our call is to address all moral issues.

What bothers me is that the retreat some are making on abortion and homosexuality is possibly caused by concern about what the larger culture thinks of us. My response: if that is what is bothering you, a reality check is needed. To whom are you going to give an answer eventually? Are you going to stand before the judgment seat of popular culture [which is awash in hatred of God and His ways] or will you give an account before the very throne of God? Whom do you wish to please?