The Journo-Administration

As I’ve noted before, the mainstream media loves President Obama. In fact, they love him so much that some have decided to forego their journalism careers and join his administration. The list:

  • Chicago Tribune reporter Jill Zuckerman, who’s headed to the Transportation Department;
  • Former Time magazine Washington bureau chief Jay Carney, who’s gone to work in Biden’s office;
  • Peter Gosselin, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, who’s now a speechwriter for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner;
  • Former ABC News correspondent Linda Douglass, who worked on the Obama campaign and is rumored to be slated for a job at Health and Human Services;
  • Nancy Ann DeParle, who has taken a senior post at HHS, is married to New York Times poverty reporter Jason DeParle.

But one might legitimately ask if there is any discernible difference between reporters/journalists inside and outside this administration. Every press conference has the ambience of a love feast: no one asks the really hard questions. Those few who might are on a short leash, as the Obama people have the pecking order already typed up ahead of time. New York Times reporters who ask softball questions will always be in the top five. Considering the president takes his time answering all questions (no more than 13 have been catalogued in a one-hour press conference), there’s no room for those who might seriously question his policies.

While I don’t believe in the maxim that the press should be a naturally adversarial contingent for all politicians, I do believe it has a responsibility to discover truth and to report it. The only real reporting is taking place on Fox News and through conservative columnists, but they will be dismissed by a larger audience as biased. Where does the real bias lie?

I worry about those who take most of their news from the traditional sources. They are going to be misled.