Day: May 11, 2009

American Character Series

I have begun a series of postings on individuals in American history who have exhibited character traits consistent with Biblical principles. I’ve completed four of these historical sketches thus far, with many more to be added over the coming months. Since I plan for this to be a continuing feature, I have created another new category: American character. Go there to view these sketches from American lives.

The Journo-Administration

As I’ve noted before, the mainstream media loves President Obama. In fact, they love him so much that some have decided to forego their journalism careers and join his administration. The list: Chicago Tribune reporter Jill Zuckerman, who’s headed to the Transportation Department; Former Time magazine Washington bureau chief Jay Carney, who’s gone to work in Biden’s office; Peter Gosselin, a former Los Angeles Times reporter, who’s now a speechwriter for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; Former ABC News correspondent Linda Douglass, who… Read more »