This has been a busy week for me, with finals and many other responsibilities, leaving less time to contemplate what I want to write about. So, let’s be a little eclectic today, allowing cartoons to carry the themes.

For instance, have you heard about Obama getting rid of the D.C. school voucher program that helps poor children get a decent education at at private school? It seems that poor children shouldn’t have that opportunity, while his children should.

Then there’s the Taliban making a comeback, this time in Pakistan. The Pakistani government, with apparently the approval of the Obama administration, allowed the Taliban to control a section of the country. Now they are spreading out and threatening the capital of Islamabad. The real issue is who will control the nuclear weapons in Pakistan. Can you imagine the Taliban with nuclear weapons? Yet the situation is so unstable, it could happen.

Finally, with all these problems, shouldn’t the Republicans be taking the lead with alternative ideas? This is a glorious opportunity to show leadership, but what is happening instead?

While they still claim the mantle of Ronald Reagan, Republicans seem to be clueless about what to offer. As the cartoon shows, they don’t really have to come up with anything “new.” They just need to reclaim “old” truths that apply to all situations. These old ideas are still the solutions.

Those are my random thoughts for today. Eclectic, yes, but really interconnected, if you stop and think about them.