A Dangerous Game

The more I reflect on President Obama’s decision to release top secret memos about interrogation techniques, and then think of the potential threat to those who participated, the more outrageous the action seems.

Here’s the big problem: people work in the government, doing what they believe is best—and legal—and then they face the possibility of being prosecuted for doing what was deemed legal at the time they did it. I’ve stated this in a previous post, but it’s worth repeating. That is blatantly unconstitutional. You simply cannot punish someone “after the fact.” If was not a crime when the action took place, you cannot declare it a crime later and go back and punish those who committed the act.

If we begin to operate this way as a society, you might as well throw the rule of law out completely. There will be no protection against the government for anything.

One of the key components of Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of government was that the rule of law keeps the government under control, protecting the rights of citizens. We have come a long way since Reagan, and the path we are on currently is leading us into a pit.