The Ridiculous and the Absurd

Pirates were in the news last week. Who would have guessed? Happily, the Navy Seals were able to rescue the captain of the ship that was attacked, in the process taking out three of the four pirates. The remaining one will be put on trial. Perhaps you’ve seen him on the news, grinning like he’s enjoying it. Well, now that he’s in the hands of the American criminal justice system, maybe he has reason to grin. After all, he’s part of a minority group that may need special protection. Do you think he just needs understanding? Should we be more sensitive to the needs of this special group?

If you think that’s ridiculous, keep in mind that we have done the same for people who used to be considered detrimental to the moral foundation of our society. Surely you have heard that we now have a “gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community.” I think the word “community” is losing its meaning.

Of course, each community must have an official spokesperson who is readily available to the media. How to find such people? Send them to college.

My thanks to the cartoonist Bruce Tinsley for consistently pointing out how absurd we have become. Sometimes we just need to be humorous to balance out the anguish we feel in our spirits. May the Lord continue to have mercy on us.