Ill Effects of the First 100 "Daze"

Everyone is opining about Obama’s first 100 days, as if that is some kind of magic number. There’s that FDR comparison again. Isn’t it about time for another Lincoln one?

I’m not going to expend a lot of energy today trying to sum up those 100 days (or is it “daze”?). I have used postings over the past three months to let you know what I am thinking. However, I did read a couple of excellent opinion pieces in National Review that I want to pass on.

The first one is by Rich Lowry, editor of that magazine. It’s entitled “The President of Barack Obama.” No, you did not misread that, and it’s not a typo. It deals with the complete lack of historical grounding our current president has. Lowry raises the issue of whether he even feels part of American history. Go here to read this one.

My second recommendation is the latest from Jonah Goldberg. Dealing with the same theme from another perspective, his piece is “Giving Back Cold War Gains” and can be found here.

Both articles show just how dangerous a time we are in when we have a president who is disconnected from reality. That’s what happens when one is ideologically driven, and that ideology is divorced from Biblical truth.

Every time I read Goldberg’s comments online or hear him speak, I am fascinated with his perspective. Why? Because it sounds a lot like mine when he deals with the history of ideas. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read his latest book, Liberal Fascism, but whenever I’ve heard him expound upon its theme, or have listened to others comment on it, I sometimes think I’m hearing myself teach one of my classes. I do plan to read it as soon as I can find the time, but based on what I already know, I recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the true nature of modern liberalism.