Covering Up Jesus

President Obama spoke at Georgetown University this week. He spoke on a stage that had a symbol for Jesus in the background. It’s difficult to see in this photo, but in the triangle at the top is the symbol IHS.

The White House requested that all such symbols be covered up for Obama’s speech. The result is what you see in the next picture.

The triangular area was covered so that the Jesus symbol did not appear.

There are two disturbing facets to this: first, that the White House wanted it covered; second, that Georgetown acceded to this request.

Of course, the White House says it was simply done for the sake of uniformity in backgrounds whenever the president speaks. You can believe that if you wish. I don’t. Do you really think the request would have been made if that had been a Muslim symbol?

For a fuller account, go to this article.

Bolstering my viewpoint is this photo of when Laura Bush spoke at the same spot:

The Bush administration apparently had no problem with the background.

I keep saying it: Christians, if you voted for Obama, it’s time to wake up.