Simplistic vs. Simple

I don’t usually begin with the cartoon, but I thought this one was a wonderful lead-in. It exemplifies the simplistic ideas some people carry in their heads about how government works. “He’s president, isn’t he? So he can just make anything happen that he wants!”

No, that’s called a dictatorship. The Founders set up a federal republic. It may not be as efficient. Things may not change instantly at the whim of man. But that’s the reason they set it up the way they did. They were not enamored of instant changes that might bring instant regret. Government policies were supposed to be debated; decisions were to be deliberate after having thought through the costs and benefits.

One more thing: all those decisions were supposed to pass the Constitution test.

Who thinks about constitutionality anymore? Well, there are a few of us around, but not many of us are in the Congress. Wanting laws to be constitutional is a simple idea, which is not the same as simplistic.