The Rush Strategy

Limbaugh: The Truth Detector
Limbaugh: The Truth Detector

Obama and company have zeroed in on their number one enemy, and the man they consider to be the nation’s premier demagogue: Rush Limbaugh.

What is Rush’s crime? Apparently, it’s that he is vocal about his disagreements with Obama’s policies—and that nearly 20 million people listen to him daily.

Obama’s strategists, which include some of the worst characters from the Clinton years such as James Carville and Paul Begala, have decided that the Republican party will lose even more support if they can paint Limbaugh with the brush of “party leader.” He’s so outrageous, they believe, that he will repel more people than he will attract.

The strategy also depends on mangling Limbaugh’s words, something at which those advisors are expert. Rush said, in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee, that he wants Obama to fail. Carville and Begala have translated that into “Rush wants America to fail.”

I’ve commented on this before. Let me be very clear here. I want Obama to fail also. Why? Because his plans are destructive of the sanctity of human life, the Constitution upon which this country depends, economic liberty, and the Christian ethic as a whole. How can I ever want those plans to succeed? That’s not the same, though, as wanting the country to fail. In fact, if Obama succeeds in his designs, that will be the death of America as we have known it.

Therefore, I agree with Rush Limbaugh. As a Christian, as a believer in constitutionalism, as a proponent of a moral free market, I want better for this nation than what Obama promises to deliver.

I warned before the election that Obama was not someone who would treat dissenters kindly. He’s not used to being crossed or questioned. In the insulated, socialistic world in which he has thrived, he has been treated as a prince. Principled opposition will not be tolerated. Instead, those who disagree with him will be subjected to a campaign of lies and distortion. They will be labeled as enemies of the people.

We’ve only begun to witness what he will do to stamp out criticism of him and his policies.