That Pesky Old Constitution

Congress is on the verge of doing something unconstitutional. Okay, I know that’s not a “stop the presses” comment. Congress has been doing unconstitutional things on an increasing scale since the New Deal. This one, though, is so blatant that it rises to a new level.

The latest push is to give Washington, DC, a voting congressman. According to the Constitution, only states can have representation in the House. DC is a special creation, the home of the federal government, and as such is not a state. It simply cannot have a congressional representative.

Of course, the whole matter is political. DC is the most Democratic place in the country, exceeding even Massachusetts. Nearly everyone who lives there receives his living either from a government job or a government handout. The Democrat majority in Congress desires another vote; this is a way to get it.

Most Americans will not be disturbed by it, for two reasons:

  • First, they think everybody should have representation, so it doesn’t seem fair that the residents of DC don’t have their own representative in Congress;
  • Second, they have no understanding of the Constitution and the concept of the rule of law.

If this passes, the rule of law will have suffered another blow. But, hey, why let that stuffy, pesky old Constitution get in the way of progress, right?