Opportunity & Responsibility

Opportunity and responsibility usually come paired. I am now being given both. Last week, I was asked to be the chair of a new department at Southeastern University, and I accepted. Beginning in July, I will head the department of Historical, Legal, and Leadership Studies.

This is a great opportunity to help guide programs in a path consistent with the Biblical principles I’m always talking about. The department will house the  history, criminal justice, and leadership degrees, along with a pre-law track for students who feel called to attend law school. Another great opportunity is that I am tasked with the responsibility to develop a new degree program in public policy. This takes me back to former days when I was teaching in a master’s degree government program.

The goal is to educate students into becoming leaders in influencing government policies, whether within the government or in organizations outside government. As I said, it is a wonderful opportunity, yet simultaneously, I feel the burden of the responsibility on my shoulders to do it right.

If we carry this out God’s way, I believe Southeastern can play a vital role in the future of this nation. I’m not sure who all reads this blog, but based on the statistics, there are more of you out there reading it than I ever imagined. If you are seeking a degree in history, criminal justice, or public policy, pray about coming here. If you know people who have a heart for any of these areas of influence, tell them about us.

And above all, for those of you who are Christians, please pray that we will be wise in our planning and in our execution of the plans.

I embrace the responsibility because I earnestly desire the outcome.