The Oscar Culture

I really had no desire to watch the Oscar extravaganza last night—so I didn’t. But I see that Sean Penn won the best actor award for his portrayal of a San Francisco homosexual who was assassinated. Hollywood strikes again. It is a self-contained community that rewards its own who have the “correct” values.

Penn took advantage of the recognition by chastising California voters who recently made the radical declaration that marriage should be between a man and woman exclusively

Of course, what is just as bad is that there were protesters outside with anti-homosexual signs. Ostensibly Christian, they accomplish nothing of eternal value with this display. While I stand forthrightly against homosexuality and view it as a sin, their methods do nothing positive for the kingdom of God. Our primary message should be that there is redemption from that sin.

Of course, the whole Oscar thing itself is an exercise in self-glorification. I use Mallard Fillmore cartoons frequently to illustrate what I am thinking. This one expresses my views precisely:

Lest you think that I don’t like movies at all, keep in mind that my B.A. was in radio, television, and film production. I got into history later. I believe movies can be a tremendous vehicle for manifesting God’s truths. It’s just that not too many of them do.