Jesus & Obama–Community Organizers?

Jesus continues to be created in the image of man, and Obama continues to be compared to Jesus. The actress Susan Sarandon recently commented,

He [Obama] is a community organizer like Jesus was, and now we’re a community and he can organize us.

The foolishness of such a statement nearly defies analysis. That’s why Jesus came to earth–to organize communities! How could the church have missed that for the past two centuries? And was Jesus’ economic prescription for society the idea that government spending, which then allegedly will help individuals spend more money, will lead to a new era of prosperity? It must have been, since that is Obama’s message.

Jesus never said any such thing, of course. He had a different prescription for “organizing” society. It starts with each individual, called upon to do the following: repent, stop sinning, exercise faith in God, and continue in obedience to His laws. That prescription applies to all of society, including economic policies.