Timely Reminders

Periodically, I like to remind my readers that you can participate in this blog. Just click on “Register” in the right sidebar. It is a one-time registration that allows you to post your comments. I do moderate them, so they don’t appear right away, but unless there is something particularly objectionable, I let them go through. I encourage you to respond to anything I’ve written that sparks a thought in you that others might like to read.

Also, if you are a fairly new reader to this blog, you can go back and peruse earlier postings just by clicking on the calendar in the sidebar. You can choose by month (I started last August in the heat of the presidential campaign) or by specific day.

Another feature is that I have blogged by category. You can see these on the right: Christians and Culture; Politics and Government; The Christian Spirit; The Historical Muse. That allows you to focus on one area that is most interesting to you.

Starting a blog was a new experience for me, and I wasn’t sure how it would go. I must say that I have enjoyed doing it and plan to continue until the Lord says “stop.” I appreciate those of you who have been faithful readers and would like to hear from more of you.

I would also like to put in a plug for the rest of my website. At the top of the blog, you can connect to my recommended reading list, a great quotes section, and my published writings.