Prop 8 & the Rule of Law

California voters in November approved a measure that defined marriage as between a man and a woman only. Normally, that is recognized as majority rule. Majorities can be wrong, but in this case all they were doing was restoring what has been normal (and Christian, even though some of the supporters didn’t necessarily care about that) for all of human history. Yet now we face a storm of protest over that vote.

Their rhetoric has become heated. Their antichristian belief system has become even more apparent. They have labeled as “enemies” those who voted to approve the proposition. The proponents of “tolerance” have suddenly become rather intolerant. This is no surprise to those who have followed this movement. It is also understandable biblically. People don’t want to be told they are sinful; instead, they want society to make them feel good about their sins.

Now a new development has occurred. Jerry Brown, former governor and current attorney general of California, has decided he will not enforce the ban on homosexual marriage.

CA Attorney General Jerry Brown

CA Attorney General Jerry Brown

 Brown, who earned the nickname “Governor Moonbeam” when he held that office, has thereby concluded that he will not fulfill the responsibilities of his current office. The attorney general is the chief law enforcement official in the state. California now has an attorney general who is thumbing his nose at the law.

Whenever an individual, whether as a private citizen or as an elected official, does not follow the law, he is abandoning the rule of law in a society. In effect, he is saying, “I am above the law. I am not bound to obey it.”

There are times when, for conscience’ sake, a Christian cannot obey a law because it goes against the law of God, which is a higher law. But Brown is simply saying he disagrees with the ban on homosexual marriage, and therefore will not ensure that it is followed. That is anarchy.

I never had to explain this concept to students I taught at the master’s level or when I was teaching at a college full of homeschoolers. More recently, however, as I was mentioning the importance of the rule of law, a student asked, very genuinely, “what is so important about that?” I have to admit I was stunned at first to think that he had never understood the idea or the consequences of uprooting it. But now I realize more than ever just how uninformed this present generation is about such matters. This generation has little understanding of basic principles by which societies operate, and what can lead to their destruction.

This goes back once again to the state of education in America. More appropriately, it is miseducation, some of which is deliberate.