More "Moderation"

Daschle: Former Senate Majority Leader
Daschle: Former Senate Majority Leader

Another of the “moderates” Obama has named to his cabinet is former Sen. Tom Daschle. When Daschle was Majority Leader in the Senate, he did everything he could to undermine any Republican movement toward limited government or less spending.

 Daschle is now slated to be Secretary of Health and Human Services, where he can be free to spend and direct the federal government into the lives of all Americans.

Other less well-known appointments include Carole Browner, an Al Gore protege, as the new energy czar (rush out now to buy those new light bulbs) and Nancy Sutley, who will be the head of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. Sutley is currently Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles (under the extremely liberal Antonio Villaraigosa) and is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activist.

May the Lord spare us from any more of this moderation.