The Real Terrorism

William Ayers has come out of his “cone of silence” since election day. He has appeared on television “clarifying” his youthful acts of terrorism. The bombs weren’t meant for people, he says; they were only aimed at the destruction of property. How comforting to know he was a “nice” terrorist. The people who were killed were apparently just collateral damage.

As despicable as his earlier actions were, what he has been doing since, in my view, is the more longlasting terrorism: infiltrating the minds of children with radicalism. You see, now he is an esteemed professor who promotes material for the classrooms, indoctrinating the next generation with his philosophy and creating more little William Ayerses.

His real legacy will not be his Weather Underground days; it will be the radicalism of the many young people he influences. And when Obama was on those foundation boards with Ayers, he was working with him to spread the radical faith. Now we will soon have, in spirit, an identical radicalism in the White House. Yes, Obama comes across as reasonable, but to those who know what he really believes, his ascendancy is truly frightening.