R.I.P? Not Yet

A few days ago, I received the following picture in an e-mail.

Yes, I did post a message that I entitled “America’s Suicide Attempt?” But this picture is premature. November 4, 2008, was definitely a step in the wrong direction, and the America of the future may be unrecognizable to us today. Yet that is not set in stone (so to speak).

As I’ve stated before, I believe Obama is a radical. His philosophy is radical and his instincts have been trained in radicalism. He will take this nation as far to the left as he deems possible. Some commentators have been theorizing that he will not be able to do nearly as much as he has promised. They say that if he goes too far too fast, there will be a backlash because the country is not willing to accept his type of radicalism. I hope they are correct, but I will not make such a rosy prediction.

If Congress, which is dominated by the Democrats, passes the Freedom of Choice Act, for instance, I can’t see anything stopping Obama from signing it into law. His determination to remove all restrictions on abortion is a cornerstone of his philosophy. On other issues, he may go slower, but that is almost more dangerous. The old story about how if you put a frog in a frying pan, he will jump out, but if you put him in lukewarm water and slowly heat it up until he is cooked applies here. He can gradually bring some things to pass without most of the populace becoming aware of what he is doing.

The key is to remain vigilant and point out the dangers as soon as they arise. We must not be lazy and simply allow America to be transformed for the worse. If we do our part, I believe God will still pour out mercy and grace. Damage will undoubtedly be done, but we need to pray that it will be limited and reversible.

So let’s not write that epitaph just yet. It’s too soon.