True to My Word

I said that if an apology was forthcoming from CNN regarding the misquotation of a National Review writer’s comments about Sarah Palin that I would let you know. Here, directly from National Review and the writer in question is the following:

Yesterday CNN’s Drew Griffin addressed his misquote of my article during that interview with Sarah Palin:

“Unfortunately, in my question, I botched it. I misquoted York by using the word “I” instead of reading his direct quote, which I had in front of me, which attributes the statement to the media.

“I thought it was a very good article, Wolf. I was going to get it — use it to get the governor to answer the question why her, you know, successful record in Alaska wasn’t getting out. She had no trouble answering that question and in no way did I intend to misquote the National Review…

“I’ve since called Byron York and his editor, Rich Lowry, to explain what happened and told them both that I regret any harm this may have brought.”

Just for the record, I’ve said that I thought the bigger harm in all this was to Palin, who was hit on-camera with an out-of-nowhere quote.  But as far as I’m concerned, Griffin’s explanation is fine with me, and I consider this closed.

Back to me again: This certainly is nice to report. However, the damage has been done for those who watched that interview and will never hear of this retraction. Reporters need to be held to a very high standard. This reporter failed miserably.