Waiting for CNN's Apology

The Most Distorted Media Coverage of a Candidate in American History?
The Most Distorted Media Coverage of a Candidate in American History?

Have you heard the latest from the mainstream media? CNN conducted an interview with Sarah Palin that included the comment that even conservative writers have turned against her. The prime example offered by the journalist [?] interviewer was from the National Review website where, Palin was informed, one of its writers declared, “It’s sometimes hard to decide whether Sarah Palin is incompetent, stupid, unqualified, corrupt, backward, or all of the above.”

She naturally seemed surprised by the comment and wanted to know who wrote such a thing. In fact, the answer is “no one.”

Byron York, one of National Review’s most respected writers had certainly used those words, but not in the context offered by the interviewer. What he actually said was that if one were to watch the way the press has covered Palin, you would have to conclude that she is incompetent, etc. He was not applying those adjectives to her; he was saying that the mainstream media was portraying her in that manner.

CNN has been called upon to acknowledge that their interviewer was wrong in what he said. Thus far, the response has been silence.

I used to think that Ronald Reagan had suffered the most from media bias and the twisting of words out of context. Now I’m not so sure. Having watched the media frenzy/circus over Palin ever since she was chosen by McCain, I am beginning to believe that we have witnessed a new low in media coverage. The distortions, innuendoes, and outright lies leveled at her have taken on the form of one of those famous Alaska blizzards–so thick and heavy that one can barely wade through them all.

Will CNN apologize? Or will its ideological bias win again?