The Undecided Voter

A continual source of fascination for me is the “undecided voter.” I must admit that I am never undecided. Why? I have a certain set of principles that I believe are Biblically based. Those principles make it clear what type of government will be right and beneficial, and what type will be wrong and destructive. I don’t have to agonize over how I should vote.

There is always this great “undecided middle” in elections, and they hold the key to victory. The candidates must appeal to these voters in order to win. What bothers me is that these people seem to have no anchor. They are tossed by every wind that comes along. Have you noticed the polls during the current campaign? After the Democratic convention, Obama surged ahead. Then after the Republican convention, McCain did the same. Why? The only real answer is that the “undecided middle” does not act on principle, but primarily on emotion. That is dangerous in a popular electoral system such as ours.

John Adams speculated that during the American Revolution, 1/3 of the people supported the patriot cause, 1/3 remained loyal to the king, and the other 1/3, otherwise known as the great “undecided middle,” could not make up their minds. Therefore, nothing has really changed over the years.

If you happen to be in that undecided category, please realize that there are real choices to be made based on entirely opposite worldviews. One worldview will lead to increased government contol over your life, both economically and socially; the other worldview will lead to greater individual self-government, thereby allowing you more liberty to make choices based on what you believe God would have you do. One worldview will lead to acceptance of abortion and same-sex marriage; the other will respect the sanctity of life and keep marriage within scriptural bounds.

The choices are clear. How can you be undecided?