Palin, McCain, and Prayer

Palin Speaking at the Republican Convention

On Wednesday evening, those who watched Sarah Palin speak at the Republican convention saw something quite amazing. The media who attacked her for five days prior to her speech still aren’t sure what to make of it.

She wasn’t supposed to be so at ease. She wasn’t supposed to be so effective in introducing herself to the American people. And above all, she wasn’t supposed to actually know anything about how government works and be able to offer sensible and rational prescriptions for the future. Instead, she was supposed to be beaten down, timid, and lost in the bright lights of public scrutiny.

It didn’t turn out that way and I, for one, am delighted.

I don’t want to repeat the many accolades she has received since the speech; neither do I want to dwell on the attitudes and smears that have passed for news this past week. Others have commented quite perceptively on both.

What can I, as a Christian, offer that is different?

First, I want to appeal to all who are Christians to pray specifically for her. The more I have read about Sarah Palin, the clearer it becomes that she is a committed follower of Jesus Christ. I, and all Christians, have a responsibility before God to lift her up in prayer. She will need the strengthening that can come only from the Holy Spirit in the next two months.

Second, we are to pray for the future of this nation. We really are at a critical juncture. I seem to say that every four years, and I keep hoping I won’t have to say it the next time a presidential election comes along. However, each election does impress me as more significant than the last one.

John McCain was not my first choice for the Republican nomination. Yet I am convinced he is a man who has learned a couple of valuable lessons along the way. His speech last night made clear one of those lessons: you must live for something greater than yourself. And when he recounted his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, he did so in a very personal way. He did not call himself a hero. In fact, he rather astonished the media by admitting that he broke under the torture. It was others, he said, who gave him the courage to continue. There was a humility in his remarks that was unmistakeable.

God will always bless genuine humility. We need to pray for McCain as well.

I posted earlier that I consider myself a Christian first and an adherent to a political party only to the extent that the party advocates Biblical principles. Today I am more convinced than ever that, as a Christian, I must support the Republican nominees.

John McCain Giving His Acceptance Speech

John McCain Giving His Acceptance Speech