Palin's Daughter: The Christian Response

The Palin Family

The big news yesterday, of course, was that the Palins’ eldest daughter Bristol, seventeen years old, is pregnant and unmarried. What should the Christian’s response be to this?

First, sin is sin and should be acknowledged as such. What she did was a step into unrighteousness. It requires repentance and a renewal of obedience to God.

Second, forgiveness is available to all. A sincere repentance brings God’s mercy, although consequences remain.

While I don’t know the heart of this young woman, I do see the outward actions and can make some type of analysis based on that. Here are the positives:

  • She has refused to abort this child. She recognizes that the life within her is a real person made in the image of God. In doing so, she follows in the footsteps of her mother.
  • She and the young man are planning to be married. That used to be a given in society; not anymore. They are taking responsbility for their actions.
  • Her family has pledged full support in helping her through this difficult time–difficult because she is such a young mother and because she is in the national spotlight. The family is actually a real family, present not only when things are going well but in the midst of trials also.

I certainly wish this had never happened. Yet this child has the opportunity to be raised in a family with God’s love as the foundation.

As for Sarah Palin herself, I am afraid that some Christians will pounce on this as a means of chastising her for not being a good mother. Some may say that she has been too distracted by her public life to keep tabs on her own children.

My response? I will let her answer to God for that. I am not going to sit in judgment on that point. I do know one thing, however: it is much easier to be judgmental about this if you have never raised a family of your own. We need to keep in mind that every person has a free will. Even in the best of families, such things may happen. Christian parents can do their very best and yet see one of their children go astray. We should not rush to judgment in this case. God is merciful, and we should mirror that mercy.