The Hillary Update–If It Makes Any Difference

Islamic terrorism. Donald Trump. Refugees. Immigration. Lost in the headlines is the ongoing Hillary Clinton saga, but I’m here to remind you all about her and her character.

For instance, did you know that more classified e-mails were released lately. You know, the ones she said she never sent from her private e-mail server? Last count? I think it’s about 1,000. But who cares? That’s old news, right?

New E-mail Releases

I seem to remember a president who had to resign from the office for an offense far less serious than this:


We also now know, from one of those released e-mails, that the military actually was ready to go to the aid of those under siege in Benghazi but never got permission from the Hillary-led State Department. She failed to send help when it could have saved lives.

There are also all those whoppers she has told over time. Here’s a pretty good summary:

Little Phony

Yet, incredibly, there is no real alternative in the Democrat field (not that I’d vote for any of them, given the party’s stance on moral issues). What would it take to get Democrats to reconsider?

Asking Democrats

I believe that’s a pretty accurate assessment of how things stand at the moment. I grieve for our nation.

A Clinton Indictment?

Another few thousand pages of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails have been released. The latest estimate is that nearly one in every twenty contains classified information—all transmitted on her own private server (which was undoubtedly hacked by those seeking to undermine American security—I’m talking about other countries, not Obama, by the way—he has his own methods for undermining American security).

Her presumed husband has rushed to her defense:

Refuse to Stand By

Together, they have concocted an old scheme that seemed to work so well last time:

Almost Forgotten

One can practically hear voices of the ghosts of the impeachment proceedings sixteen years ago:

Out to Get Her

Clinton’s defense of himself as the House Managers attempted to awaken the American people—“this is all just politics” and “these are evil people out to get me”—has been resurrected. But will it fly this time?

Account Overdrawn

The stonewall continues, but one has to wonder how long they will be able to concoct these fanciful explanations before Hillary has to bow to the inevitable:


I was watching Judge Andrew Napolitano (no relation to Janet) on Fox this morning predicting that by the end of the year, the Justice Department is going to recommend an indictment because even an Obama Justice Department can’t refuse to face the facts. But he went on to say that it would still be up to Obama himself whether any indictment would be allowed to go forward. Napolitano then predicted that if Obama rejects the indictment, many principled people in the FBI might resign in protest.

This will be a fascinating story to follow, so don’t start thinking it’s old news. We get new news about Hillary every week.

Clinton’s Sorry Campaign

A Pope visit and the Blood Moon (which wasn’t very red and was quite tiny where I live) may have diverted people’s attention from another development in the ongoing Hillary Clinton saga.

Remember how she has pledged, time and again, that she turned over everything on her private e-mail server? It turns out she really didn’t, as we get news of a lot more of those e-mails being discovered that she thought were wiped clean. This comes as no shock to those who know her character, but she still insists, despite all the contrary evidence, that she has been the most open and trustworthy politician on the planet.

Democrats are already having an internal debate before even one debate has occurred:

Anyone Else

Besides the e-mail scandal and the embarrassment of the activities of the Clinton Foundation, there’s the whole matter of pointing to Hillary’s accomplishments. Whenever Democrats are asked what she has done that qualifies her for the highest office in the land, they find themselves in a tough spot:


They need to find the right audience for that question:

Name One

So, an e-mail scandal, a foundation that acts pretty much as a slush fund for the family, and a record of more-than-dubious “accomplishments.” What else might be dragging her down?

Out of This Funk

Some people have referred to Clinton’s race for the presidency as the “I’m Sorry” campaign. It’s actually just the “sorriest excuse” for a presidential campaign this year, even worse than Donald Trump’s—and that’s saying something.

Hillary & Other People’s Rules

Yes, it’s time for another Hillary Clinton post. The State Department released more of her e-mails last night—late last night. One gets the impression the State Department is working on her behalf, hoping people won’t notice. When asked yesterday by Ed Henry of Fox News whether the department believes Clinton followed all the rules for using e-mails, the spokesperson declined to answer.

One hopes, though, the FBI will fulfill its role and conduct a thorough investigation.

Hard to Tell

By the way, last night’s dump identified more classified e-mails that never should have found their way to a private server. Is Clinton sorry she used that server? Well, in one way, perhaps:

I'm Sorry

The main problem is that both of the Clintons operate on the assumption that they live above the rules imposed on the rest of the population—that somehow they are privileged and don’t have to answer for their actions:

Hillary's Library

Anyone else would have been indicted by now. Even the most devoted Democrats don’t really want their nominee to be under federal indictment during a campaign. That’s why there is this undercurrent about Joe Biden possibly entering the race.

Biden doesn’t really stir any deep emotions, but there’s one part of the population that would love to see the gaffe-ridden vice president pursuing the nomination:

People React

I would like to see his entry into the race as well. He’s so tied to the Obama administration and all its policies—even more than Hillary—that there would be a greater chance of an epic campaign fail.

Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer were discussing this race on O’Reilly’s program last night. They both felt strongly that the 2016 election should be a slam dunk for Republicans. However, they also agreed that the intrusion of Donald Trump into the campaign has thrown that into doubt.

The focus has shifted from all of Obama’s massive failures and policies that have weakened the country, and instead we are concentrating on a Trump campaign that never holds Democrats responsible, but reacts only to a vague “Washington is corrupt” theme.

No matter how spineless Republican leaders have been, the greater problem is the radical nature of Obama’s attempt to transform America. That’s where the focus needs to be.

Yes, Hillary, This Is Serious

It’s as if she doesn’t even realize she is in trouble. I’m talking about Hillary Clinton. She airily dismisses all allegations about her secret e-mail server and confidential communications she conducted in an unsafe manner. She even continues to say there were no confidential communications, although we are now up to more than 300 identified (and I may be behind on the latest calculations).

Now we discover a small company in Colorado, connected to the Clintons, housed that server in a closet in a bathroom. Real secure.

Let’s be clear. No other secretary of state or other high federal official has ever conducted all business on a personal e-mail server. This is the height of foolishness, at the least, but also potentially criminal. This is not going away.

E-mail Scandal

Richard Nixon was driven from office for trying to protect his subordinates from investigation and prosecution, and in doing so, stepped over the line. Yet that was only a political indiscretion during a campaign. Hillary’s indiscretion may have opened up all of her e-mails to Russia and China. That’s far more serious.

Gen. David Petraeus, as CIA chief, was convicted for having confidential materials in his home office and sharing them with one other person. Comparatively, what Hillary has done is worse, especially since she took it upon herself to decide what to turn over to the State Department and then attempted to destroy all the others. If Petraeus had to face the music for his actions, why should she be allowed to dodge the legal system?

Fancy Meeting You

Can you imagine if the candidate who did this happened to be a Republican? Do you honestly think the party would actually put forward that person as its nominee for the presidency? Panic is beginning to bubble to the surface, but it’s not easy for Democrats to know where else to turn:

Recycle Bin

Meanwhile, Hillary will maintain her innocence and try to make jokes about it all. Those jokes keep falling flat, by the way. She is a Clinton, so in her mind she is exempt from consequences. Clintons always get what they want and thumb their noses at what they consider to be petty legalities:

Got Nothing on Me

If, God forbid, she ever attains the highest office in the land, it might be a unique inauguration:

Repeat After Me

Let justice be done.

On the Bad Ship Hillary

The Clinton e-mail saga began with a straight denial of having done anything wrong and the assertion that she had turned over everything that needed to be turned over to the State Department (where all the e-mails should have resided in the first place). That was supposed to settle everything. Why? Because she said so.

Has Your Word

It turned out that even some of what Hillary turned over were top secret documents that never should have been on a private server. This also made the lie of her assurance that no confidential information was ever in any of those e-mails.

Then came the order that she had to turn over the server itself to the government. She stalled. There was even talk of her subordinates planning to wipe their e-mail accounts clean. In other words, it didn’t matter to her that a judge said she had to obey the law.

The pressure mounted and she finally had no choice, but it wasn’t easy for her.


But given her history—anyone remember Whitewater, Filegate, etc.?—how can we be sure of the integrity of what she ultimately was forced to give up? In what shape is this server now?

Here's My Server

Her candidacy is now sinking fast, despite her protestations to the contrary:

Trust Me

What’s that cliché about chickens and roosting?


It’s otherwise known as a principle of sowing and reaping.

President Hillary Clinton? How could we possibly do that now? As Democrats jump the bad ship Hillary, where can they turn?

In Case of Emergency

Republicans can only hope for such a blessing.

Hillary’s Burgeoning Problems

Is the Hillary Clinton campaign imploding? Is Hillary Clinton imploding? Democrats are getting more worried than ever about the burgeoning e-mail scandal (the Foundation scandal is currently eclipsed, but it should return). How do we know? Joe Biden is now seriously looking into challenging her, when before she was considered unassailable.

That “little matter” about her private e-mail server, what she turned over, and what she didn’t, is growing into a rather large obstacle for her.


When inspectors general start making public noises about possible criminal investigations, this whole fiasco becomes harder to ignore:

Bad Dog

I’ve never had much confidence that any investigation into the Clintons’ antics would ever yield enough to make a difference, but I’m beginning to have some hope that this one may not go away after all, no matter how hard she may try to manage it:

Delete Us

The typical Clinton arrogance hasn’t gone away, though. This is a couple that never met a law they think applies to them:

Above the Law

Since both are lawyers, they are well versed in how to handle such situations:

The Truth

Let’s be honest. If they weren’t Clintons, but just your average person who had to obey the law, this scenario would be much more serious for them than just the possibility of losing a nomination:

You've Got Jail

Let the punishment be equal to the crime.