Threat Levels

Does something have to crash and burn before a majority of Americans realize how awful it is? Well, if so, Obamacare is close to becoming the prime example, and all those conservatives who tried to sound warnings all along this policy road are now viewed as rather prophetic, even as the accusations against them continue:


Even the author of this train wreck may soon be seeking anonymity:

Concerned Citizen

Question: how does one know the extent of the trouble one is in? How about if one of history’s classic liars takes you to task for lying?

Never Lie

Obama’s lies have become the center of attention in the political world. The general public, which often chooses to ignore what’s really happening in politics until it’s too late, is stunned by the brazenness of those lies. But they don’t begin and end with all those phony Obamacare promises:

Can't Believe

And how many Americans, eager for a quick fix, fail to understand that even Obama’s quick fixes are just as phony? Oh, and there’s another problem also:

Civics Quiz

Let’s go one step deeper: Where in the U.S. Constitution is the federal government authorized to do anything at all on the issue of health insurance? The general public is currently exercised over the abominable rollout of Obamacare, but that’s merely the surface problem. Go a step deeper and you come face to face with the bad policy itself, which is now causing havoc, and will only get worse if the employer mandate ever becomes reality.

But you have to go even deeper to grasp the ultimate problem—a president who is willing to shred the Constitution and the rule of law itself. If he’s successful at that, the constitutional republic is at an end.

We need to fight at all these levels.

Yes, decry the foolishness behind the botched rollout. Certainly, be relentless in pointing out the utter destruction that Obamacare leaves in its wake. Yet don’t neglect that deepest level, which overturns the very fabric of our society. Americans need to awaken to that threat, which is the most dangerous of all, and which gives rise to the other problems.

Obamacare: A Call for Action

Obamacare LogoIt’s time to take stock of where we stand with Obamacare. It’s also time for both Democrats and Republicans to consider the steps they need to take in this present crisis. And crisis is not too strong a term to use for this disaster. Millions are losing their healthcare plans and have nowhere good to go to replace them. That’s just the individual plans. Next year, this law will begin to affect employer plans, which will multiply the anguish nearly twentyfold.

What do we know for sure right now? First, as almost everyone on any place on the political spectrum admits, the promise that we could keep our healthcare plans if we liked them was either a gross misunderstanding of what was going to transpire or an outright lie. I opt for the latter. When we have President Obama in a video telling congressional leaders three years ago that 8 or 9 million individual plans will probably have to be scrapped, what else can the promise be but a blatant lie?

Second, Democrats are in panic mode. It’s as if they once were blind but now they see. But if they were blind, it was a willful blindness. Remember the classic statement from Nancy Pelosi—Speaker of the House at the time—informing us that we have to pass this law in order to find out what’s in it? In what universe does a congressman vote for a law first, then figure out what’s in it? Only in Nancy Pelosi’s alternate universe. And all those promises were no more than fantasy.

DC World

Democrats, my first admonition is to you: you put yourselves in this fix by your willingness to line up unquestioningly behind your leader, giving him your trust without taking responsibility for your own vote. You are fully to blame for what you are now experiencing. The only reason, it seems, that you now are frantically running here and there to find a fix is your fear of losing your seat of power. Well, frankly, you deserve to lose. No one who has done what you did should ever be entrusted again with the authority to pass laws for the rest of us.

What should you now do? Come to the realization that this entire thing called Obamacare needs to be scrapped. Your fearless leader came out yesterday and made a pronouncement from on high that he would deign to allow people to keep their plans for one more year. If you go along with this, you are making it pretty clear that your only priority is to put this off long enough to win reelection. If that’s all that matters to you, I pray you will lose, and lose big time.

Your obligation now is to make this right. Sign on to Republican efforts to overturn this destructive law. Laws, by the way, can be overturned, in case you didn’t know it. Don’t listen to Pelosi and Harry Reid say “settled” law is sacred. Slavery was once settled law. It’s time for you to set the captives free again.

Now, for you Republicans. First, congratulations that you have a solid record in opposition to Obamacare. Not one of you voted for it to become law when it sneaked through three years ago. But here is your real test. Will you now avoid the temptation to “fix” something that cannot be fixed? Will you put an ineffective bandaid on this cancer or will you root it out completely? Only the second option will work.

Another important point you Republicans need to make is that no president, regardless of political party, has the authority to simply declare a change in a law. Only totalitarian dictators can do that. We live in a constitutional republic where the rule of law must prevail. Make a strong case before the public that Obama has stepped so far out of bounds with his latest pronouncement that he has taken on the air of a dictator. Convince the citizens that this must be stopped at all costs. The very future of our form of government is at stake.

Prayer for NationFinally, for those of you who claim the name of Christ, now is the time to pray. That’s not just some pious platitude. I’m beginning to hope that the reason we are seeing this Obamacare monster blow up/disintegrate before our eyes may be the result of the fervent prayers of many. Those pleas to the God of heaven must continue, coupled with humility and a sense of our own culpability for ever permitting this nation to fall to this low ebb spiritually and morally. For some, the following Scripture may have become a cliché, but it’s worth repeating:

If my people, who are called by My name, humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Lord, as a people, we lack humility. Wicked ways permeate our society. Yet Your promises of forgiveness and healing remain. Please forgive us and start the healing we so urgently need.

Those Obamacare Numbers

The Obamacare numbers were released yesterday. According to Obama’s people, only 106,000 are enrolled nationwide. That’s a little short of the seven million needed to make this work. There are also questions about how many of those are younger people, which have to sign up to ensure it is really funded. Old people signing up—those who have more health expenses—are not the target. Yet we’re not being told which demographic is turning out for this boondoggle.

There’s one more thing: it appears that 106,000 itself is far too optimistic. It counts all who put an insurance plan in their shopping cart but haven’t necessarily paid for it. In other words, they may have gotten to the end and had second thoughts. This is getting more embarrassing with each new revelation:


By the way, only about 26,000 of that hyperinflated number used the site. The others used state exchanges. What a great success story. Even if the website gets fixed eventually, the real problem will come to the forefront, and the administration may have to face up to a significant fact:


Remember the promise that those who are forced into Obamacare will find their premiums lowered by an average cost of $2500 annually? It looks like it’s going to add that much annually instead. People are getting upset, and rightly so. They are losing their plans and being forced into this monstrosity against their will. The president’s unapologetic apology a few days ago rings rather hollow:

This Situation

Yet he can always count on his backers to find excuses for him:

Obamacare Truthers

Meanwhile, his party is getting nervous. Democrat congressmen’s instinct for self-preservation is taking over. Their biggest fear?


May this fear be realized. November 2014 can’t come soon enough.

Obamacare Bumbling: The Fruit of Supreme Arrogance

Never in the five years I’ve been writing this blog have I come across an issue that has generated so many excellent political cartoons all at once. Yes, I’m talking about Obamacare—its failed rollout, the lies told about it, and the attempt to pretend those weren’t lies at all. Let’s begin with the shock many individuals and families have felt over the program itself:

Better Coverage

Broader Benefits


This has led many to respond somewhat bitterly:

Exchange Open

Let’s be honest. If we were to do a comparison with genuinely private insurance options, Obamacare doesn’t look very promising:


Yet despite the ill treatment, true Obamaphiles still don’t see the light:

Call Me

Then there’s the near-total incompetence of the know-it-alls in the administration:

Didn't See

The president’s attempts at rewriting his rhetorical history have been particularly awkward:


I Never Said

Crummy Minority

I have to admit I find all this bumbling rather entertaining. It’s the appropriate comeuppance that should follow closely after supreme arrogance. May it lead to an overturning of one of the most damaging laws ever passed by a foolish Congress.

Election Analysis

Another election day has passed. What do the result signify?

Chris Christie 2In New Jersey, Chris Christie won reelection as governor. He won by a large margin, leading all the talking heads to chat up his presidential possibilities. While Christie won impressively, he had no coattails; the Republicans failed to pick up key legislative seats. This was a victory based on the personality of one individual, not on philosophy of government or principles. Christie ran as a middle-of-the-road guy, appealing to Democrats, who are more numerous in the state. That’s an understandable tactic, but what does the man really believe? Social conservatives are not enamored with him; he recently signed a law banning counseling to help children turn from homosexuality. He’s bought the line that homosexuality is not a choice, but simply a matter of one’s genes.

Chris Christie as the Republican nominee for president in 2016 would give me no pleasure. His presumed conservatism is purely pragmatic, and he can’t be trusted to govern on anything approaching Biblical principles. By the way, he also declined to help his fellow Republican in Virginia, Ken Cuccinelli, when asked to make the short trip from New Jersey to campaign on his behalf.

KenCuccinelliCuccinelli, the Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, lost last night by a slim 48-45% tally. This was after polls showed Democrat Terry McAuliffe ahead by 12-15 points just two weeks ago. Cuccinelli closed that gap rapidly due to rising disgust over Obamacare. As Virginia’s attorney general, Cuccinelli was the first to challenge Obama’s healthcare law in court. Pundits are saying if the campaign had gone just one more week, Cuccinelli could have pulled it out.

Terry McAuliffeSo now the state where I spent most of my adult life has a Clinton crony in its governor’s mansion. McAuliffe has to be one of the most unsavory creatures in politics, yet Virginians chose him regardless. His strategy of painting Cuccinelli as an extremist who hates women [translation: he’s strongly pro-life] won over enough low-information voters to make the difference.

Two other factors: an Obama financial backer set up an organization to fund the campaign of the libertarian candidate, who probably took enough votes away from Cuccinelli to affect the outcome; the Republican establishment turned its back on its own nominee, highlighting the growing rift between those who operate on principle and those who make political expediency their god. Ken Cuccinelli, a decent Christian man who puts principle first, deserved better. But Virginia voters got what they deserved.

Incidentally, the overlooked result in Virginia is that Republicans maintained a 2/3 majority in the state’s House of Delegates. McAuliffe doesn’t have a rubber-stamp legislature that will do his bidding. Don’t expect that inconvenient fact to come to light; the media will instead crow about the defeat of a Tea Party-backed candidate.

Despite the Virginia outcome, Democrats have reason to worry as the 2014 congressional elections approach. Obamacare is going to remain a key issue, no matter how they try to spin it. The Tea Party sentiment in the country is not dead, and the overreach of the Obama administration continues to energize that sector of the electorate. We could see a repeat of 2010.

Obamacare Thus Far

Let’s review how Obamacare has worked thus far. On the first day the website was open for business, a grand total of six people nationwide enrolled. By the end of the second day, a massive 248 had entered the system. In states where one actually could access an exchange, upwards of 80-90% signed up for Medicaid rather than Obamacare. I wasn’t aware Medicaid was an option. All those new Medicaid recipients don’t put money into the system; rather, they take it out.

Then there’s been the effect on private insurance plans. The stringent Obamacare requirements for including the kitchen sink along with regular coverage has led to a couple million people losing their private insurance, which was really part of the overall strategy from the beginning. This administration is no friend of private insurers; it is pushing people into the government operation:

Private Health Plans

Individuals who are then forced into Obamacare suffer from sticker shock:

Reflexes Normal

The promises had been wonderful: you can keep your plan if you like it; the average person will see a $2500 drop in premiums; everyone will end up being insured. And the band plays on, somewhat reminiscent of another historic disaster:

Keep Playing

Perhaps this is, in actuality, one of those stimulus jobs Obama promised at the beginning of his presidency:

Shovel Ready

Meanwhile, that portion of the media that is still doing its job is trying to figure out how long Kathleen Sebelius will hold onto hers. One cartoonist has an ingenious suggestion for her next career move:


We used to hear voices seeking to put President Obama on Mt. Rushmore, alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. Now, not so much. There is an alternative being floated:

Mt. Stupid

Crashing Credibility

President Obama’s promise, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it,” is probably going to go down as one of the more infamous presidential deceptions of all time. James Polk’s “Fifty-four Forty or Fight” was just a campaign ploy to bring certain voters over to his side back in 1844. John Kennedy’s claim of a “missile gap,” intimating that the Soviet Union was now ahead of us in missile development, was a brazen lie to try to discredit Richard Nixon. But neither of those falsehoods rival Obama’s simply because his was the opening act of an ongoing, blatant attempt to transform the American economy, and the society overall, into his image. It’s far more pernicious.

In the past few days, we’ve been treated to the bad news that a few million individual policies have been canceled, with millions more to come. Due to all the added requirements from the laughably misnamed Affordable Care Act, insurance companies have to change what many consumers thought were perfectly fine policies. And if your policy changes materially—which is what it is forced to do—you aren’t allowed to stay with it. The government has deemed your former policy substandard; it has set itself up as the referee for what substandard means. King Obama has decreed it:

What He Meant

Then we had the ludicrous testimony from Kathleen Sebelius, the woman ostensibly in charge of implementing Obamacare. She performed the usual government doublespeak of “taking full responsibility” while simultaneously taking no responsibility for what went wrong. In fact, she barely acknowledged that there are serious issues. There was one particular Alice-in-Wonderland moment:

Never Crashed

Well, it’s not just a website crashing:

Flat Tire

Why does this administration have any credibility left at all? Among those who can think, it doesn’t. Through it all, the Obama approach has remained the same—stay detached from actual involvement and just keep giving campaign speeches. I’m not sure we’ve ever had a president who was this AWOL:

Action Figure

Honestly, though, I’m not sure that’s necessarily bad for the country. If he would like to absent himself from all future policy decisions, I wouldn’t object.