Pushing Toward Disaster

Are you as tired as I am of thinking about this whole healthcare issue? Obama refuses to give up. I would admire someone standing by principles this strongly if only those principles were real principles based on Biblical bases. Unfortunately, his are not.

The nice thing is that every poll says a majority of Americans either reject the Obama approach or have serious concerns about it. Of course, that’s been true for months.

How can he continue to demand something when most people say no? Well, perhaps his view of the American people is a little different.

Yet he presses on. He’s in campaign mode again (as if he’s ever left it). He’s pushing hard, making promises to Democrats who are on the fence (like nominating one’s brother to a judgeship).

He seems to think that his arguments are rock solid, and that there is no alternative. A couple weeks ago, we went through the healthcare pretend-summit. I said before it happened that it was just a show, and that Obama didn’t really care what Republicans had to offer. That viewpoint has been confirmed. Everyone else should just keep quiet now and allow his plans to materialize.

A relevant fact, though, is that a kind of mini-Obamacare has already been tried in Massachusetts. It is currently foundering. Why would we want to emulate it?

The problem: it won’t simply be Obamacare that wrecks on the shore; it will be 1/6 of the nation’s economy.

Needed: A New Strategy

Here’s something you might have missed if you watch only the mainstream media. A couple days ago, in Chicago, the so-called Rev. Jeremiah Wright awarded himself (yes, you read that correctly), radical Catholic priest Michael Pfleger, and the disturbingly racist Louis Farrakhan “Living Legend” awards.

The only Chicago personality missing was Prof. William Ayers, another great American.

Now, the quiz: which American president is very connected with all these individuals?

What’s that? Not a tough enough question?

How about this one: which American president was recently caught on tape admitting his radical connections with ACORN?

Obviously, he’s going to need a new strategy.

The saddest possible commentary is that there are probably some people out there who will accept any explanation from this man.

Oh, Really?

There have been some interesting statements made by politicians in the past week. First was President Obama’s declaration that he is a believer in the free market. Either I’ve misunderstood him and all his actions throughout his entire life . . . or he was not exactly telling the truth.

I think I’ll opt for the latter explanation.

I was also amazed to hear Nancy Pelosi comment that she had common ground with the Tea Party movement. In fact, here are her exact words:

But you know we share some of the views of the Tea Partiers in terms of the role of special interests in Washington, D.C.. It has to stop. And many Tea Partiers — not that I speak for them — share the view, whether it’s — and Democrats, Republicans and independents share the view that the recent Supreme Court decision, which greatly empowers the special interest, is something that they oppose.

Someone needs to notify the Tea Party leaders—they have a new recruit.

And of course there was Charlie Rangel, chair of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, the committee that writes all the tax bills, claiming that he has done nothing wrong by accepting gifts from indivduals and companies that want favors from his committee. That investigation is ongoing because there’s a lot still to be uncovered [although his deception regarding his personal income and taxes he didn’t pay is pretty well established already]. The latest is that he has reluctantly, and quite belatedly, stepped down from his leadership position.

One cartoonist caught the spirit of these declarations rather well:

Second Thoughts, Anyone?

Life in the Obama universe hasn’t quite been what his admirers expected. We’re now more than one year into the “New Era” and the millennium hasn’t arrived. What to do? Well, how about reconnecting with reality?

What is the new reality we must now face?

That’s part of it. There’s also an attempt to force people into accepting something they don’t really want.

Looks pretty scary, but you know what’s even scarier?

If we can believe the polls, the president is in trouble. Now I know polls are fluid and people are flighty, but there’s a definite trend. Obama’s approval rating is below 50% in all the states he won in 2008 that had voted for Bush in 2004. That hardly inspires confidence in his political future. A lot of voters seem to be having second thoughts.

As I said, polls can be unreliable, but remorse may be setting in.

That’s the kind of explanation parents have given to their children for their foolish behavior in the 1960s when they experimented with drugs and “free” sex—an appropriate analogy for foolish behavior at the polls in 2008.