The Triple Threat President

There have been presidents in the past who were ideological [which can be a good term if the ideology is centered on limited government and constitutionalism], yet most were willing to work with those with whom they disagreed when necessary.

There have been presidents who were political bullies, using whatever means necessary to achieve their goals, not caring one bit for morality [LBJ comes to mind].

There have been presidents who were incompetent [Carter, anyone?].

What we have now is a like a perfect storm—a president who partakes of all three of these dubious qualities.

President Obama has been arguably the most ideological president in American history. His education, his community organizing days, the people with whom he surrounds himself all point in one direction—full-fledged progressivism with a vengeance.

When the healthcare bill faced such stiff and angry opposition throughout the country, most commentators figured Obama would pull a Clinton—triangulate and compromise. I didn’t believe he would because I had learned too much about him even before he won the 2008 election. He is an ideologue first and foremost, and his goal is government control of as much of the economy as he can get.

We are seeing that ideology get in the way again in the Gulf. He’s not a fan of oil. It really suits his long-term purposes to subvert the oil industry. If enough people are upset with BP, they may be more open to punitive measures against the industry as a whole. That opens the door for his “green” agenda, which, even as he said during the campaign, would lead to skyrocketing price increases on energy across the board.

Obama is also the product of the Democratic machine in Chicago, which has a history of corruption that goes back into the nineteenth century. He was schooled in this approach, and he uses it to wield a rhetorical club against all who oppose him. He pushes for his way without any regard for constitutional limitations on his authority. We’ll see more of this in the future.

Lately, though, the third component has come more to the forefront: his stark incompetence. The Gulf oil spill showcases it, although some of that may be linked to his ideology, as noted above. The latest outrage is that he refuses to send more skimmers to the Gulf. Why? He’s concerned that they may be needed where they are in case another oil spill occurs.

What about taking care of this one?

He dragged his feet on sending help to Louisiana. He has refused to accept help from foreign nations; he won’t suspend an old act of Congress that requires all ships working on the cleanup be American-made. Of course, there’s a political slant to this one.

Even the recent flap over Gen. McChrystal, which ended in his resignation from his post in Afghanistan, stems from Obama’s incompetence. McChrystal, to be sure, was out of line [as well as foolish for allowing a Rolling Stone writer to tag along with his staff], and should have been dismissed. However, the reason he and his staff got into trouble in the first place is because they were fed up with the Obama team’s lack of experience. Obama himself, according to McChrystal, was totally unprepared to talk about the military situation when he first met with the general. It was nothing more than a photo op.

The incompetence issue is only inflamed by the amount of time the president has spent on recreational activities during the oil spill crisis. The head of BP gets away one time for a yacht race and he is pilloried [he truly has one of the worst concepts of public relations ever witnessed], yet the president’s golf outings and other events are not criticized by the Obamamedia. Fortunately, we have some cartoonists who stay on top of these things.

Eventually, the problem will be capped. Hopefully, it won’t be too late.

A National Disgrace

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, has pretty much made a mockery of that office. I don’t say that lightly.

He’s the one who keeps pushing for terrorists to have civil trials, who claims that America is a nation of cowards that is unwilling to engage in a meaningful dialogue on race [wait a minute, didn’t that nation of cowards elect a black man to the presidency?], and who can’t bring himself, while testifying to a congressional committee, to say that radical Islam is a threat to the country.

A few days ago, he made a curious admission: even though he had been criticizing the Arizona illegal immigration law, he acknowledged he had never actually read the law. Cartoonists are having a good time with this one:

Where have we heard this kind of thing recently? How about the healthcare bill? Congress voted for that ill-advised legislation without reading it. Must be an epidemic. Is it too much to ask that government officials read the legislation upon which they either vote or comment?

The position of attorney general is that of the chief law enforcement agent in the federal government. Holder is disgracing himself and his nation by both his words and his actions.

Beyond Dishonesty

Remember when candidate Obama declared unequivocably that in his adminstration, there would be no tax increases for anyone making less than $250,000 per year? If not, here are his exact words:

And I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase–not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital-gains taxes, not any of your taxes

Orszag: There Was No Promise

Sounds pretty ironclad, doesn’t it? Well, at a breakfast earlier this week, White House Budget Director Peter Orszag said that the president’s promise wasn’t really a promise after all. It was merely a “stance” or a “preference” that will be studied by this brand new Commission on Fiscal Responsibility. You know, the commission that won’t release its findings until after the November elections. So, you see, candidate Obama wasn’t promising anything of the sort. It was only a preference subject to a commission telling him that he really has to find somewhere a whole lot of money to cover the monstrous deficit—and the only way to do that will be to raise taxes.

Remember also the promise that the healthcare bill wouldn’t add a dime to the deficit? The Congressional Budget Office has just released new figures: it seems they miscalculated by a measly $115 billion the last time they were asked. Surprise! There are no savings in the bill. In fact, this is probably just the beginning of the “miscalculations.”

Those are a lot of dimes.

When the push was on to force the bill through the Congress, the pressure was put on the CBO to come up with favorable figures. I don’t know if they were being dishonest or not, but to give the benefit of the doubt, they were at least in a hurry to do their calculations.

As for the Obama administration itself, I have no qualms about calling this as dishonest as his pledge not to raise taxes. This goes beyond simple dishonesty; this is a complete lack of integrity. At this point, only a fool would continue to trust the president’s words.

Demonizing Dissent

Remember the scene a couple of weeks ago as the Democratic House leadership left one of the House office buildings to walk outside to the Capitol? Speaker Pelosi was carrying a rather huge gavel.

They were in an exultant mood—healthcare was about to pass. This march was obviously intended to go straight through the crowd of protestors who were begging Congress not to pass the bill.

It was during this march that an alleged incident occurred. Accusations later were lodged against the protestors for using racial slurs against African American congressmen. The accusations received eager coverage in the media. Suddenly the “Tea Partiers” were racist degenerates, not concerned citizens trying to stop their nation’s slide into financial ruin.

Fighting back, one conservative leader, Andrew Breitbart, has offered to pay the United Negro College Fund $100,000 for any video proving the allegations of racist language being used that day. Video cameras were everywhere. Breitbart is still waiting for the smoking gun video that proves the accusations are true.

A game is being played here.

With a little help from their media  friends, the Democrats hope to smear honest protest with the dreaded label of racism. They don’t have to look far to find those helpful media people. They’re already well trained and prepared to stereotype.

Honest reporting is a rarity.

And what of that “march”? Why did it even occur? Representatives never do that. They always use the underground tunnels that take them directly from their offices to the Capitol. They knew the grounds were filled with protestors. Could this have been a deliberate attempt to create controversy? It has become obvious they don’t really know what to do with those who are involved with the Tea Party movement. They’re not sure how to counteract their appeal. So why not brand them racists?

It’s an underhanded and deceptive strategy. But they’re practically beside themselves trying to figure out what to do.

On April 15—tax day—tea parties will be held all across America. I plan to attend one—my first.

And I am not a racist.

The Debt Legacy

The Founders of America were always talking about posterity. They wanted to be certain that they created a government and a society that would bequeath liberty and virtue to their children and their children’s children to untold generations.

I still hear talk of doing things “for the children.” Bill Clinton was a master of using the children to promote his policies. But if the policies we follow are going to bind future generations to a massive debt, it becomes obvious some politicians are making “the children” props for their schemes.

I encourage you to go to the following site for a does of reality——and see just what we are placing on our children. As of the moment I am writing this blog post, the United States is $12,672,000,000,000+ in debt. That works out to $41,016 per person, $115,491 per taxpayer. The largest budget item is Medicare/Medicaid, coming in at more than $765 billion; the interest—just the interest—on the national debt is fast approaching $200 billion.

Kids, this is your legacy.


Speaking of congratulations, did you read about one individual who is absolutely thrilled by passage of the healthcare bill?

When Fidel Castro is on your side, you’ve already lost. You would think that would make some Democratic politicians pause. I predict, though, that they will not stop their march into madness.

Ah, yes, a way to get more votes. That’s all that counts, right?

Constitutional Renewal

In case you’re wondering, the document above should read “We the People.” How things can change. I agree with President Obama on one point: history was made this week. I disagree on the nature of that historic moment.

If this legislation is not dumped via either the new Congress after the elections or by the courts, we will see an increase in the government’s involvement in our lives—as if it weren’t intimately involved already. In order to enforce some of the mandates in the bill, such as requiring everyone to buy health insurance or face a penalty, there is a consensus that the IRS will have to be enlarged by about 16,000 new agents.

That, by itself, should cause a higher level of discomfort.

Is it a conspiracy theory to take the following cartoon seriously?

What’s next on the president’s agenda? It appears he’s going to make an all-out push now for amnesty for illegal aliens, thereby adding to the Democratic vote total in future elections. How far will this go?

I recall a photo that made the rounds shortly after the 2008 presidential election. At the time, I hoped it was not prophetic.

I’m still not ready to declare it a done deal. God remains God. People maintain their free will and can choose to repent. There can be a spiritual rebirth that will spark a renewal of constitutional government. It’s up to us to respond to our national woes God’s way—and see what He can do.

What To Do?

Yesterday, President Obama signed the healthcare bill. It was historic. So was Pearl Harbor.

I was asked yesterday if I could catalog all the ills associated with this bill. I really can’t do justice to all the provisions contained within. Instead I would ask those who are interested in all the details to find a site devoted to highlighting them. I’m one person, and my time is limited.

What I can do, though, is talk about the response from those of us who oppose what has happened. Are we to accept this and act as if everything is fine? No way. The key is to find the proper response.

I told someone the other day that the proverbial silver lining in all this is that for the first time in my lifetime, people are understanding the wisdom of the Constitution and the limits it put on governmental authority. To use a cliche that probably needs to be buried someday—this is a teachable moment.

Task #1, in my opinion, is to increase our efforts to educate the American people in constitutionalism. They may finally be open to learning. That is my specific calling, I know.

Those who are in government can add to this. What would it take to repeal this legislation? It would be very difficult, but who says we shouldn’t tackle difficult tasks? The greatest victories are those that appeared impossible at first.

Here’s how hard it will be: not only do opponents need to get the majority in Congress in the next election, but they need a sufficient majority, particularly in the Senate, to be filibuster-proof. Can it happen? Is it impossible to reach that magic 60? Improbable, but not impossible.

Then, even if that is attained, any bill that passes would have to get past Obama’s desk. He holds the veto power, and you can be sure he will use it to stop any attempt to roll back what he has done. Only a 2/3 majority can override the veto.

That’s the political equivalent of conquering Mt. Everest.

The other strategy is already being pursued. Here in Florida, as well as in other states, the attorney general is taking this bill to court. The grounds for challenging it are strong. There is no doubt it is unconstitutional. No authority exists in the Constitution for the federal government to flex its muscles in this way.

So what’s the problem?

The federal bench is filled with judges who have been schooled in case law, which depends on precedent rather than on original intent of the Constitution. And the longer Obama remains in office, the more of them there will be. The challenges need to come before judges who respect the rule of law and who will acknowledge the limited powers of the federal government. We need some providential help with that.

You can be sure whatever decisions are made in the lower courts will eventually end up in the Supreme Court. The sooner the better, before Obama has a chance to replace one of the conservative justices on the Court. Right now the Court is almost evenly divided between those who will judge righteously and those who will disregard the document they have sworn to uphold. Any decision will probably be 5-4, but the direction of that verdict is uncertain.

Things have changed significantly in the past 30 years.

It may take another thirty years to undo what has transpired during this current administration, but the goal is worthy.

I’m reminded of the Separatists in Holland debating whether they should go to the New World. They made a list of all the things that could go wrong and compared it with what could go right. In the end, the majority decided to undertake the voyage. I’m paraphrasing, but their historian, William Bradford, said they concluded that they should do it and expect the blessing of God on their endeavors. Even if they died trying, he commented, at least they were doing what was right in the sight of God.

We now call them the Pilgrims, and we admire their courage.

I’m glad they made that decision. Will we make a similar decision? Will a future generation look back on us and thank us for going forward? Will they call us courageous and be encouraged by us to handle whatever challenges they will face?

The next few years—not weeks or months—will reveal the depth of our commitment.