The Clintons & Character

Shouldn’t one’s history matter? What is it about the history of Bill and Hillary Clinton that would give anyone confidence in their character? I know some people will be upset with me for focusing on that. They will say that policies are what matter, not personal character. Well, I have a lot to say about the policies of both, but I won’t back down on the significance of personal character.

It was during Bill’s presidency that we heard the constant refrain from his backers that private character is not the same as public character, and that we should only look at what happens publicly in assessing someone. I respond that that is not the Christian way. What one is privately will ultimately bleed over into what one is publicly, and we need to be discerning.

We know, for a fact, that Bill Clinton did have sex with Monica Lewinsky, regardless of his protestations at the time. We also know this was not just a rumor fueled by some imagined “right-wing conspiracy,” as Hillary alleged. It was a revelation of the character of her husband. And frankly, I don’t see much difference between the two when it comes to character. Both can stand before cameras and tell blatant lies without blushing:


Some commentators, listening carefully to Hillary’s statements at her near-disastrous press conference last week, picked up on wording that was eerily familiar:


Sadly, this lack of character may not derail her from getting the Democrat nomination, despite the growing fears from some in her party:

On Cliff

Even those on her side of the political aisle are beginning to say she doesn’t have any better qualification for running for president other than being a woman. We recently chose another “first” as president. How is that working out? A candidate has to have more going for him/her than just identity politics. Might I suggest we take a long hard look at character? For some voters, that would be a “first.”

Hillary’s Press Conference: Not the Final Word

So the Hillary press conference about her private e-mail account is over. She probably hopes that will be the final word on it. If so, she is kidding herself. Anyone not already a camp follower can’t be satisfied with her defense. It’s really pretty brazen to claim, as she did, that she followed all the rules with this non-government account. And then there was her statement that it will remain a private server, subject to no third-party inspection to ensure all relevant e-mails have been turned over to the government.

In all this, she’s merely doing what our president does all the time:


Let’s review. All government employees are told they must conduct government business on a government account. She didn’t do so. During her tenure as secretary of state, she even sent out a notice to all those working at the State Department, reminding them of this policy. How hypocritical is that?

Now she’s saying it’s up to her to decide which of her e-mails belong to the government. That’s backwards. The government will decide that. She is trying to maintain absolute control and tells us to “trust” her that she has turned over everything relevant. As a policy, regardless of who is involved, that is ludicrous. The House committee investigating Benghazi already has noted major gaps in the e-mails they have received—after much stonewalling on her part.

Hillary’s “explanation” yesterday is at least consistent with her past “explanations”:


If the mainstream media will do its job this time (which is highly unlikely), she will have a hard time during her campaign:


While she has staunch defenders within her party, some are nervous and seeking other possibilities for their presidential nominee. Unfortunately for them, there is no real contender to challenge her:


There’s something else about this press conference worth mentioning. Unless one is completely blind, one cannot but help being put off by her tone. She was borderline arrogant, condescending in her answers, and carefully reading from a script most of the time. She wasn’t hard to “read.” “How dare you question me?” was the attitude that prevailed. “Don’t you know who I am?” I think she considers herself above criticism and that the rules that apply to ordinary humans don’t apply to her.

I’m not sure I want her ousted as the frontrunner. There is always the possible horror of her winning the election, but she could also suffer a devastating loss, provided Republicans choose a good candidate for a change. It would be gratifying to see a Clinton lose, and to see the Clintons removed from the public stage once and for all.

Cartoon Potpourri

This will be my last blog post until the new year, so let me leave you with a plethora (look it up) of political cartoons to help tide you over. Whenever you need a cartoon fix over the next couple of weeks, just come back here.

Let’s begin with a man who has made real news this year, probably the most honest man who has worked with the government (at least until he was put before a congressional panel to testify):


In the Senate, the Democrats gave the terrorists an early Christmas present:

Future Interrogation

And here’s one person’s creative idea on illegal immigration:

Sound Immigration Policy

Just kidding.

Of course, at the center of all things political is this man who has become a legend in his own mind, particularly on Biblical knowledge:

It Does Now

I must also add one for a political party that somehow manages to turn a major win into no advantage whatsoever:

Too Quickly

I have a number of cartoons that deal with the government’s lack of ability to do almost anything effectively:


Love Govt Work

Functional Government

Finally, I offer the true spirit of the season from our cultural masters:


May we never succumb to that spirit. May the birth of Christ—and everything that flows from that—be the essence of your Christmas.

About Those Election Results

I was going to move on from the election results today. I really was. But I just can’t. I blame the political cartoonists; they’re doing some of their best work right now, and I would hate to let it go to waste. Let’s see how they’re handling this GOP victory and corresponding Democrat defeat.

What makes the victory even more compelling is that the media remained solid in support of the president and his minions. Yet the people pushed aside that heavy influence in their favor and voted against them anyway. It appears the strategy didn’t work:

Low Information

Democrats are fond of calling conservatives “deniers” when it comes to issues such as global warming [which isn’t exactly happening, so I guess I’m a “denier”], but they are becoming experts at real denial themselves:

Upset with Republicans

As for the president, he’s acting as if this whole election thing is no big deal:


He’s also claiming that he “hears” those who didn’t vote, implying they are all on his side. That’s an amazing trick:

Hearing Voices

Ocean of People

Obama is unbowed by the results. His approach is as in-your-face as ever:

Give & Take


And after accusing Republicans of every kind of evil and stalling all legislation in the Senate for years, we’re suppose to believe this election is a call for Republicans to be more conciliatory toward Democrats and be bipartisan [translation: you do what we want even though you won and we lost]?

Work Together

Let me be clear—to quote nearly all politicians—I believe in reconciliation and in principled compromises that advance good policies, and Republicans shouldn’t have a chip on their shoulders and refuse to work with Democrats. But keep in mind that goes both ways.

Acquiescence to intransigence on the Democrat side—insistence to continue their failed policies—would be to repudiate the results of this election, and Republicans must not go there. They must be principled and lead accordingly.

Their ideas may continue to be rejected by President Obama, and he may veto everything they try to do, but if he does, the American public will receive an overdue education that should lead to another Republican victory in 2016.

Election-Day Thoughts

Election day 2014. Many of us have anticipated this day since . . . oh, since election day 2012. I’ll be up late tonight watching returns, not because I’m some kind of political junkie, but because I sense the fate of our nation rests on what happens.

Democrats have done their best to stoke the fears of the lesser-informed voters. They’ve raised the false alarms of racism and sexism continually. They’ve told people to be afraid of what Republicans will do if they regain control of the Senate, meanwhile conveniently ignoring the real threats that await us regardless of who is in control:


The Democrat party has an amazing propensity for being scared of phantoms while ignoring real dangers:

Calm Down

Around election time, we always get commentators moaning about the low percentage of the electorate that shows up at the polls. Yet one of the most disturbing features of our day is the plethora of man-on-the-street interviews that showcase just how ignorant a large part of our citizens are of the basics of government and political reality. I’m not adding my voice to those who want more people to vote just for the sake of voting. If you aren’t informed, please stay home. You will be serving your country admirably by doing so.


In this election, President Obama has been a virtual no-show; he’s practically toxic, with some candidates refusing to say that they voted for him (even though it’s obvious to everyone that they did) and others politely or pointedly declining his presence at campaign stops. They also seem to have developed a strange sort of amnesia about their previous support for Obamacare and other assorted Obama policies. This time it’s Republicans who want voters to make the connection with our president:

Vote Obama

The results from today may force Obama to view himself differently:

Dressed for Halloween

Then again, he may instead double-down on his disastrous ideology—which is what I expect will happen. This self-appointed emperor has no clothes; he just doesn’t know it.

Clearing Out the Cartoon Inventory

Cartoonpalooza today. Regular readers know I like to include political cartoons to help illustrate my commentary. Sometimes, the backlog of cartoons I’d like to share gets too large to parcel out in small doses. Occasionally, I need to clear out the inventory; today is one of those days.

Fortunately, all the cartoons have a theme. I’m sure you’ll pick up on it. Let’s begin with the overall feeling Americans are getting as the Obama regime stumbles forward in its attempt to remake America in its image:

America Airlines

Many are dumbfounded by the choices being made by this administration:


We were told at the beginning of Obama’s reign that we would be amazed at the transparency he would bring to the operation of government. Yes, we’re amazed:

Nothing to See

Increasingly, the presumed leader of the free world seems out of touch with reality. That’s because he’s created his own:

Global Warming

Democrats in this year’s congressional elections are feeling a bit dragged down by their chief:

Ball & Chain

They have only themselves to blame, of course. They signed on to his overinflated ego from the start, thinking it would help them. Now they’re hiding their connection and trying to convince voters they’re not really on board with him or his policies:

Obama Virus



Not all his supporters have disappeared, though. He still has a fanatical contingent who aren’t disturbed by facts or reality. They share his delusions. Many of them live in a fantasyworld of their own called Hollywood:


Meditate on these things today. Then vote responsibly.

Mutiny on the Democrat Bounty

The purported “most transparent” administration in history is not pleased with the new transparency. In truth, this has been arguably the most obstructive, secretive administration in history, acknowledged even by the journalists that have done their best to place President Obama on an unassailable pedestal. They are becoming more disgruntled with the lack of access; they are, in effect, spurned lovers.

Former administration officials have been writing books about their time with this president. The carefully polished, and largely contrived, image of a man who is cool, competent, and in charge is crumbling at an increasing rate of speed.


To be fair, tell-all books can sometimes be written for purely political purposes, i.e., Hillary Clinton’s inaptly titled tome Hard Choices. She’s doing her best to distance herself from Obama as she attempts to take his place in 2016. But Robert Gates’s Duty has no such motive, and the newest one to appear, Worthy Fights by Leon Panetta, purports to be an honest perspective. One can question Panetta’s motives also, though, because he is largely seen as a Clinton operative.

Et Tu

Regardless of the reason for publishing his book, Panetta has been making some rather disturbing claims about his time in the Obama cabinet. Boil it all down, and what he’s saying is that this president is not up to the task of leading the country. And that comes from a lifelong Democrat who willingly served in two high-level positions under Obama. It’s been difficult for the White House to parry these charges. One might expect a tried-and-true defense to pop up at any time now:

Caused By a Video

Damage-control mode is in full swing, with the Obama faithful doing what they have done over and over with such incidents as Benghazi and the IRS debacle:

Cover-Up Team

Democrats who have backed Obama’s policies from the start and from whose ranks seldom is heard a discouraging word, are now beginning to panic, particularly with the midterm elections only a couple of weeks away. Suddenly, no one running on the Democrat ticket is an Obamaphile. If you think I’m exaggerating, just look at some of the ads they’re running. They keep saying things like “I’m not Obama” and highlighting how they disagree with various of his policies, despite the incontrovertible fact that until his approval ratings tanked, they were on board 100%.

Blame Captain

It would be funnier if it didn’t showcase the sad spectacle of politicians who can’t really think of anything other than protecting their own power base, and whose primary goal in life is their own advancement. They are just as much to blame for the state of this nation as their leader, but don’t expect them to accept responsibility. Honesty on that side of the aisle is virtually nonexistent.